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Participatory workshop led by music composer

Marin Escande for the creation of sound objects related to housing.



Music matters is a music school that offers an inspiring, creative, fun performance-driven, approach to music education for all ages. But it is also a a collective of musicians committed to developing a platform for music beyond the mainstream in Sri Lanka, as well as a studio that offers a rehearsal space for your next band rehearsal.


Born in 1992, Marin Escande is a French composer and musicologist. Educated in Paris

Conservatory (CNSMDP), he has composesd both instrumental and electroacoustic music. Through various interdisciplinary collaborations, he has developed an original

musical language in relation with environmental soundscape, urbanism and

architecture. His music has been awarded from numerous prizes - “Petite forme“ (2016),

“Sound Spaces“ (2019), “Mixtur Barcelona” (2020), “MA/IN” (2021) - and has been played in France, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Italia, Sweden and Austria.

Besides his composition activities, Marin Escande also wrote a Ph.D. dissertation about

the Japanese avant-garde group, Jikken Kōbō(Experimental Workshop). Between 2016

and 2018, he was selected for a scholarship program in Tokyo University of the Arts to pursue his research on Japanese artistic scene. Back to Paris for three years, he is now

teaching sound creation and contemporary music history at universities (Paris 8, UCO).

Through his experiences as a researcher and professor, he has developed some skills in

conducting ethnographic studies, working in archive and transmitting musical knowledge.

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