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June 27, 6 PM

The French Spring Festival 2021 is all about showcasing other islands' talents. On June 27, 6PM, we will take you across the Pacific Ocean, to listen to an exclusive live concert of Vaiteani, polynesian folk duo, played at Le Petit Théâtre de la Maison de la Culture in Papeete. With their drummer, they present you their musical universe: a travel out of time !


The concert will be live streamed on our Facebook and Youtube page, and will be accessible online until August 26, 2021. 

VAITEANI (crédit photo ©Frank LORIOU).jp



Listening to VAITEANI is like watching snow fall on the surface of a lagoon. It is unexpected and beautiful. With their first album in 2017, they welcomed us into their world : with folk songs written both in tahitian and in english, far from clichés. Sincerity in the voice and in the melodies.

After performing in french famous festivals such as the Francofolies of New Caledonia, the Brive Festival and even in l’Olympia, the couple showed how well they could share who they were with the audience within just a few notes.

Today, VAITEANI evolves and transforms their original polynesian folk music with a touch of fluorescent pop and subtle electro. A graceful transition that remains faithful to the duo's DNA, through the use of both English and ancestral Tahitian. An ambitious second album that marks, more than ever, the fusion of two identities. The couple designed the songs of this opus as the islands of an archipelago. The islands form a whole and bare at the same time their own singularities and their own stories. Hard to label their music. What we know for sure is that the bonds are made, twisted just like the motives of the polynesian tattoos that the world took over. No doubt VAITEANI will meet the same success.

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