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July 2, 3 PM

Were you dazzled by Amanda Gorman's inauguration poem? Are you bubbling up with words but terrified of slam poetry? Join us! Lea, stellar teacher from AF Kotte, will host an hour-long introduction workshop addressed to all the writers who have yet to find their audience. The workshop will be in English, but you are invited to write in your native tongue. Short writing exercises will act as a prompt for exploring your own creativity and turn a blank sheet of paper into a teeming concert of voices and music. We’ll be taking inspiration from the theme of the festival, the island.


Register through the link below. Only 8 participants will be allowed in this workshop to enable everyone to present their writing.

Get ready to get inspired and bring out the emerging poet in you!

The workshop is now full, thank you to those who registered!

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-04 at

"I discovered slam poetry by pure chance, in France a few years ago. I immediately fell under the spell of this art form that mixes writing and orality. Since then, slam poetry has followed me throughout my life and my travels. Since more than a year, I decided to mix my job as a teacher and my passion for slam poetry by creating slam poetry workshops, in order to share and discover this poetic art." - Lea

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