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July 8-12


@Alliance française de Colombo

Dance lab with French Dancer Paul Upali 

Group 1

Friday, July 8th, 10 AM-1 PM (3 hours)

Monday July 11th: 10-12 AM (2 hours)


Group 2

Monday July 11th: 3-5 PM (2 hours)

Tuesday July 12th: 10 AM-1 PM (3 hours)


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Paul Upali Gouëllo, takes dance lessons from the age of 8, and decides after obtaining his literary baccalaureate in 2009 to train technically and professionally for three years at the Institute of Professional Jazz Training Rick Odums in Paris. He will dance in the two companies of the school, for the Jeune Ballet Jazz and the Modern Dance Ensemble.


In 2013, he changed his style by joining the Contemporary School of Paris ACTS, co-directed by the star dancer Agnès LETESTU, in order to measure himself against the French and international contemporary dance, distributed within the school in various repertoire pieces! (Brumachon, Gil.C.Harush, Batcheva...).


Performer in 2015 for the choreographer Julie Sicard, he joined the same year the National Choreographic Center of Grenoble for a new role in the piece My Rock by Jean Claude Gallotta. 


He will continue his engagements with the Groupe Emile Dubois- Cie Gallotta by defending the pieces of the choreographer which will follow: "Volver" 2016, "My Ladies Rock" 2017, and finally "l'Homme à tête de chou" 2019. 


State qualified as a contemporary dance teacher since the summer of 2020, Paul Upali Gouëllo has always taught and shared dance alongside the stage!


Jazz dance teacher in association in Essonne (91) from 2012 to 2014, he then discovered the teaching field through actions and cultural missions around the choreographer Jean-Claude Gallotta sharing his gestures during workshops, workshops, or transmission of repertoire in various institutions, (college, high school, university, event all public, dance school, conservatory ...)  


In 2018 Paul Upali Gouëllo finally returned to his native land in Sri Lanka and discovered the dances that animate his island! 


Since then, he has been keen to return every year and share his dance experience with as many people as possible! 

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