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June 7 - June 9


@Alliance Française de Colombo

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Mueen Saheed is a jeweler from Sri Lanka, who turned as an abstract artist. During his participation to jewerly exhibitions and shows in London, Germany, France and the rest of Asia, he visited several museums and felt in love with lots of paintings.

In 2007 he was first introduced to canvas and paint in Langkawi by Mr. Sallie who is a veteran painter.  Since then he has not looked back and now painting became his profession, and something he is extremely passionate about.

His style of art has always been a mixture of the impressionist, vague figurative and abstraction. His inspirations vary between poetry, music and storyline and rather than being photographic his paintings are intended to be mirrors - where the viewer discovers what he is meant to see and not necessarily what the artist imposes. Colour, energy and intuition are his tools.


ABSTRACT NARRATIVES is a retrospective of Mueen Saheed life's work, gathered in a selection of thirty paintings from each of his artistic periods. This exhibition presents the outstanding career of a Sri Lankan expressionist artist, who as a former jewelry creator, devoted his life to create a spontaneous, coloured and evocative abstract art, inspired by his own past, his Sri Lankan heritage, and his life philosophy.

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