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July 18, 6 PM

Sankhara is a group of musicians who embrace the universality of music and sound. 

Deep diving into the convergence of folk song and languages of various sub continents and watching as ancient forms swirl together and re emerge in new but familiar forms. For this particular event on the 11th of July, come and listen to Hania luthufi on vocals, Sarani Perera on electric guitar and synths and Wenilan on Mridangam. 


Hania Luthufi

Hania Luthufi is an educator, musician and vocalist who often works with drone music instruments. She began working with choral music and then moved on to explore jazz and reggae. Subsequently Luthufi began intensive studies in Indian classical music at Sangit Bhavan of Viswa Bharati, in Santiniketan, India. Luthufi currently resides in Sri Lanka and her recent work comprises abstract, cinematic music compositions exploring the large breadth of drone music. She now allows her fascination for linguistics and storytelling to guide her freely to her next immersion.

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