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Virtual Reality (VR) sessions

Tuesday June 14 - 4 to 7 PM 
VR Café Malé 
Free entrance

Enjoy the French Experience. Get involved in interactive games and adventures !

Screening of "Yakari, a spectacular journey" (2020, 1h22)

Wednesday June 15 - 5.15 PM
Billabong High
Free entrance

"While his tribe is ready to move on, little Sioux Yakari sets off for the unknown to follow the trail of Little Lightning, an indomitable mustang. Along the way, Yakari has a magical encounter with the Great Eagle, his totem animal, who gives him a beautiful feather, and a fantastic gift: being able to speak with animals. All alone and for the first time, on his quest he traverses the prairie to the territory of the terrible fur hunters."

Screening of "16 Levers de Soleil" (2018, 1h57)

Thursday June 16 - 7.30 PM
Free entrance

"Flying into space. This is the dream that Thomas Pesquet realised when he took off from the Baikonur base. 450 kilometres from Earth, during these six months when the world seems to be tilting into the unknown, a dialogue is woven between the astronaut and the visionary work of Saint-Exupéry that he took with him to the space station."

Cheese tasting

Saturday June 18 - 5 PM
LLC Hulhumalé
Paid entrance

What could be more France than a cheese and charcuterie platter for "l'apéro"?

Contact AF Malé on Viber at 947 8583.

Screening - "Les contes de la nuit" 

Monday June 20 - 7 PM
Vilingili Beach 
Free entrance

Soirée film 

Diffusion du film animé "Les contes de la nuit" 

"Every night, a girl, a boy and an old technician meet in a small cinema that seems to be abandoned, but is full of wonders. The three friends invent, document, draw and disguise themselves. And they play all the stories they want on a magical night where anything is possible - wizards and fairies, powerful kings and stable boys, werewolves and beautiful ladies without mercy, cathedrals and straw huts, golden cities and deep forests, waves of harmony from huge choirs and the spells of a single tamtam, wickedness that ravages and innocence that triumphs."

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